About us


From their first day at LCC, Diana and Hanna have been joined at the hip. Bonding over a shared love of Eurovision, karaoke and flirting (seasoned pros), we quickly decided to join forces and take on the world!

Anything else?

Diana applies to jobs because she loves interviews so much, and Hanna's high school entrepreneurship teacher told her she wouldn’t amount to anything. A truly dynamic duo!

And for the million dollar question: 

Hanna's meal deal choices are spicy bean wrap, coconut water and banana, and Diana's are tomato, basil and chicken pasta, Walkers cheese and onion crisps and an Innocent smoothie.

We know- we have horrible taste in meal deals

Get in touch if you want to meet the two nicest girls London has to offer (according to ourselves and our tutor, Steve    ).


What happens when a Lithuanian Art Director and a Norwegian Copywriter walks into LCC? Absolute carnage